Saving Tips

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  • Save before you spend. It’s the best way to save.
  • Shop for the best prices. If you pay less, you can save more.
  • Use a money jar of some kind. Now that we use loonies and toonies, if you put your change in a jar at the end of the day, it can really add up.
  • Don’t carry much cash. It is too easy to spend.
  • Look for ways to spend less on transportation, use cheaper (maybe healthier) ways of getting around.
  • Eat out less – and/or eat at less expensive places. For many people, eating out eats up a good portion of their money.
  • Set an “i-tunes limit.” It’s easy to make online purchases today – so much so that, at the end of the month, the bill can be a shocker. Set a limit and stick to it.
  • Use your cell phone wisely. Don’t waste money on extra charges, bad plans, roaming fees, etc. Once again, if you spend less, you can save more.
  • Cut back on vices. If you spend a lot on cigarettes, gaming, apps, etc. cut back – or cut them out entirely if it’s something like smoking. You can save a lot. Same if you are drinking expensive coffees or power drinks, etc. They can eat up money quickly too.
  • Avoid impulse buying – that is, making fast spending decisions on the spot without much thought. They are often some of the poorest decisions people make and can use up money that could be saved.
  • Take advantage of sales and deals. You can save a lot of money this way. Buying “off season” or on the “shoulder season” for clothes can save a lot. End of year sales, end of line sales, going out of business sales, ... they can all help you save.
  • It may be hard, but avoid fads. Keeping up in terms of style and fashion is a real challenge for many young people and can use up money quickly. Avoid them as you can – be your own person – set your own style. You’ll probably find that’s a lot less expensive – and can help you save.